Hudson River Community
        Association of Northwest Yonkers, Inc.
                                                   Founded 1978
                                                                                       P.O. Box 866, Yonkers, NY 10702-0866

  •                                                                                    Together we can make a difference!



The Association has already had successful clean-up campaigns, formed a block-watchers group, and held representative positions on important citywide committees.  We have worked closely with the Yonkers Community Development Agency in implementing programs in the area.  Some of the results are quite visible:  a new Ravine Park, improvements to the Glenwood Station and area retail stores; and the rehabilitation of the old A&P building into the new home of the Nepperhan Community Center.  Newer projects have been the demolition of an illegal church home, illegal rooming houses and other eyesores in our neighborhood.  

HRCA has been working with the Department of Public Works to keep vacant lots clean, and is responsible for more police presence in our area.

HRCA has partnered with James H. Farrell Lodge and other sponsors to promote community awareness.  We have also partnered with Yonkers Committee for Smart Development in their "Demystifying" Seminar Series on issues relating to planning, development and landmarking.  We are also allied with Groundwork Hudson Valley in their efforts at improving neighborhood environments. More recently, HRCA has partnered with the Ludlow Park Residents Association

​We are a group of concerned area residents who came together more than 30 years ago to address some of the problems facing our neighborhoods.  Our members generally come from the area bounded on the north by the Hastings city line, on the east by North Broadway, on the south by Main Street, and on the west by the Hudson River.  Members also live outside the area.

HRCA has tackled many projects over the years and has been successful. We need your help more than ever with the current redevelopment projects proposed by the City of Yonkers,  We want to make sure that residents who have been the backbone of these communities are not displaced by high-priced real estate projects.  We want to have a say in the type of housing that will be built and if that housing will ultimately meet the needs of residents of these areas.  We are concerned about the future of the Warburton area and realize that its problems reach out beyond these boundaries.  Furthermore, the condition of housing, crime and drugs, police protection, sanitation, vacant businesses, beautification and the need for community services are some of our primary concerns.  

New issues arise continuously, and we are ready and willing to take on these challenges at all times.

For many years, HRCA has sponsored a dinner dance to raise money for scholarships to Yonkers high school students and have honored distinguished individuals with our Community Service Award.

While much hs been done, it is only a beginning, and we can be successful only if there is widespread support from community residents such as you.  With your help, we can make further gains towards a better neighborhood of which we can all be proud.  We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (except July and August) at the Nepperhan Community Center, 342 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers.