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Hudson River Community Association of Northwest Yonkers, Inc.

Minutes of Monthly Meeting, November 9, 2016

Nepperhan Community Center, 342 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers 10701

President Barbara Smith opened the meeting.  She encouraged everyone to come to HRCA’s Holiday Party on December 14, 2017.  She also said memberships application for 2017 can be obtained from Florence Samuels, Treasurer.

Cynthia Miller from Congressman Engle’s office.  Senior Housing application are now available for  Fr. Finian Sullivan Tower.  Income limit $37,750 one bedroom and $43, 150 for a two bedrooms.  The contact number is 914-969-6159

Captain Emil Cavorti, Fourth Police Precinct. Six month period Report: 
6 summary arrests; 22 larceny of broken car windows. They have put out extra officers including plain clothes. There was a shooting incidence of gang violence on Woodworth and Ravine: a shots fired in broad daylight.  There were 2 arrests for loaded hand guns.  One individual arrested was stabbed on Woodworth.  The Captain said the main individuals involved in gang violence in this area have been arrested. 
On Nov. 4 an adult male family member was suicidal.  Cattie, the police bloodhound dog, found him and he was taken into custody and sent to St. John’s for evaluation.
There was a heroin overdose at 220 Woodland and police administered Narcan
A Marine 1 sailboat was found in distress on Pier 1

CURE – Center for Urban Redevelopment and  Empowerment:
Lamont Brown, Board Chair. He is responsible for the social services issues concerning disenfranchised individuals.  In January the Sharing Community will no longer be serving meals to the homeless because they do not have enough money in their budget to provide for the homeless and families in the community who need help as well.

 In relation to the shots fired at Woodworth and Ravine, neighborhood efforts in protesting gang violence resulted in two arrests. Mr. Brown works with Captain Cavorti
in dealing with people who have mental health issues and preparing them to re-enter the community. He helps people with illegal evictions by talking to the landlords.

James Simmons, Executive Director.
CURE project:  Cooks Condominiums at 309 Warburton and Point, across street from Lillie Pearl Condos, which they also built.
They will get other two lots near 309 and provide housing to allow people to stay in their neighborhoods. 
They will also revitalize neighborhood and revamp dilapidated properties, and abandoned lots.  They need support from the community and asked HRCA to write a letter to Warburton Woodworth LLC.  A vote was initiated by Ms. Smith for a show of hands from the audience.  Majority vote for HRCA to support them
They also need two other lots  (317 and 319 Warburton – Lots 27 & 25) and this is slowing them down
CURE is not a grand-scale development organization because they are non-profit.  Their dwellings will not go higher than the buildings that are already there.
They have obtained a $600,000 grant from NYS Affordable Housing Corporation.  This will provide 60/40 funding to help homeowners and will eventually get a grant to provide 100%.

Jesse Batus – Community Builders  - Cottage Place Gardens Project
CPG Phase ; Demolition 3 – town houses.  Will rehabilitate day care center
Second stage of financing may be received from State and plan to break ground in the Spring.  The Cottage Place townhouses will be on 3 streets.  209 Warburton is cut out for people to enjoy view. Bus stop for area – haven’t heard from officials.​

Christopher Johnson, Councilman, Yonkers 1st District
Yonkers Police Department has reached agreement with Department of Justice to provide extra training for officers.
Two new schools have been proposed to be built on Ravine Avenue because Yonkers is busing a lot of students and needs more schools to lower busing; need funding for quality teachers
Proposal for new Gorton High School
Need community housing instead of private
What’s affordable?  $42,000-82,000 average family Yonkers; Westchester formula based on AMI $104,000; therefore affordable housing income $50,000 – till too much for some families)

Nathan Hunter – Groundwork Hudson Valley – partners with local sustainable farms to supply a winter share of great tasting frozen fruits and vegetables all winter long.  Their goal is to deliver a superior product at a fair price for you and the farm.  In your share, you'll receive locally-grown frozen fruit and veggies from December to April for $132.  Sign up at following link:

349 Warburton lot needs cleaning
Blue Building Development at Point (Alexander St).  Plan on 4.5 story buildings and slimmer tower in the middle

There being no further business motions were made and accepted for adjournment

Respectfully submitted,  Aurelia Perkins (Secretary)